Small stories

In this section, we would like to take you behind the scenes of our deliveries worldwide by telling you small stories of our everyday experiences.

The intention is to show how we operate and how we handle e.g. the challenges that come with being an international
blender and supplier of marine cleaning chemicals and equipment.


Charity ride overcomes iconic climbs

The cycling charity ride Cykelnerven, which Navadan is a proud  sponsor of, raised a record of 2.5 million DKK for the fight against multiple sclerosis by climbing legendary Tour de France mountains, such as Alpe d’Huez.

Click below or at the picture to read more about the fundraising ride in the French Alps.

DSC 0707 


Australian Adventures

Making deliveries in Australia come with different challenges and adventures than elsewhere.


Click below or at the picture to read a small story about our experiences making deliveries on the East and South West coast of Australia.





Local production

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