Ballast Water Treatment

Ballast water treatment chemicals   

Sodium Thiosulphate - Liquid                                        Neutralisation of Ballast Water prior to deballasting  
Sodium Thiosulphate - Crystals                                     Neutralisation of Ballast Water prior to deballasting  
Sodium Hypochlorite 12%                                              Pre-treatment of ballast water when changing waters  


We have the expertise to service you and act as a trustworthy advisory in Ballast Water Treatment matters.

We have experienced a growing demand for chemicals for particularly two system types: 1) Electrolysis 2) Chemical Injection.

For Electrolysis systems, Navadan has ensured that we can supply Sodium Thiosulphate in crystals and liquid form, in ports worldwide. Sodium Thiosulphate is used to neutralise the sodium hypochlorite produced by the Ballast Water Treatment Systems.

For chemical injection systems, we can supply both Sodium Hypochlorite and Sodium Thiosulphate. As with Sodium Thiosulphate we can deliver the Sodium Hypochlorite in ports worldwide.

Test Equipment is also supplied by Navadan, and we are working to have the same supply reach for our test equipment as for our Ballast Water Chemicals.