NAVAclean Tank Cleaning Chemicals

IMO Approved NAVAclean Tank Cleaning Chemicals are available world wide.

NAVACLEAN 801 – ALKATUFF Strong Water Based Alkaline Cleaner and Degreaser for Tank Cleaning after
veg.oil, fatty acids etc.
NAVACLEAN 802 - ALKATUFF SOFT Alkaline Cleaner specially designed for removal of veg. oil and Tank Cleaning from 
CPP cargoes to veg. oil. 
NAVACLEAN 803 – ALKATUFF PHS Heavy Duty Water Based Alkaline Tank Cleaner and Degreaser for Tank Cleaning after veg.oil, 
fish oils, soya bean oil
NAVACLEAN 809 – TEEPOL PLUS General Purpose Water Based Detergent for cleaning light oils and dirt
NAVACHLOR 812 – SODIUM HYPOCHLORITE 12% Heavy Duty Water Based Alkaline Cleaner 12% Solution
NAVACLEAN 814 – DYESTUFF REMOVER Removal of Dye from Tank Coatings
NAVACLEAN 818 – COLDWASH General Purpose Tank Cleaner and Degreaser for cleaning a wide range
of mineral oils etc
NAVACLEAN 823 – BUFFER CLEANER 55 Concentrated Cleaner for Zinc and Epoxy Based Tank Coatings
NAVACLEAN 825 – STENCH REMOVER  Neutral Water Based Cleaner for removal of Organic Foul-smelling Residues in Cargo Tanks
NAVACLEAN 842 – ALKASAFE Water Based Non-Caustic Alkaline Cleaner for cleaning many
natural oils and fat
NAVACLEAN 848 – NEUTRAL CLEANING CONCENTRATE Water Based Tank Cleaning Concentrate
NAVACLEAN 850 – WB NEUTRAL HCF Water Based Hydrocarbon Free Tank Cleaner
NAVACLEAN 855 – HYDROCARBON REMOVER Water Based Hydrocarbon Remover
NAVACLEAN 856 – ECOCLEAN Ecological Multipurpose Water Based Cargo Tank Cleaner
NAVACLEAN 873 – RUST & STAIN REMOVER Acid Based Rust Remover and Metal Brightener 
NAVACLEAN 874 - RS BASIC Acid Based Tank Cleaner designed for removal of White Stains or Residues
that can appear after cargoes such as: Stearin, Olein, Palm Oil and PFAD.
NAVACLEAN 888 – SEACLEAN Heavy Duty Solvent Based Tank Cleaner for Heavy Fuels and 
other DPP cargo residues
NAVACLEAN 897 – IGS CLEANER Heavy Duty Water Based Alkaline Tank Cleaner for removal of Inert Gas Soot


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