Cleaning Equipment

Both price, quality and availability can vary a lot from country to country and port to port. Our customers operate in a globalized world and expect standardized quality and features, and so do we.

NAVADAN has developed a range of various equipment in order to provide our customers with a "package" of equipment.

For our cleaning kits, we have carefully chosen relatively few items of professional equipment which we usually supply to assist our customers in obtaining faster cleaning jobs and/or substantial savings.

NAVADAN application and support equipment are designed and quality assured in Denmark. Our NAVADAN HPC Series are designed and manufactured in Denmark.

All of NAVADAN'S equipment and Cleaning Kits are marine specific, globally available and quality assured, which means that you can expect the same quality and service all over the world.


Click the links below to view our NAVADAN Cleaning Kits, and NAVADAN HPC Series: