High Pressure Cleaners in NAVADAN HPC Series are designed and manufactured in Denmark specifically for the maritime industry.

NAVADAN HPC Series offer Marine specific High Pressure Cleaners for in-depth cleaning and maintenance work according to industry standards.

NAVADAN HPCs are electrical driven (440v/60Hz/3Phase) and delivered fully equipped with halogen free cable, hose and lance. If your vessel(s) requires a specific standard, we also offer custom made NAVADAN HPCs.

Add extra components and/or accesories for a versatile use of your NAVADAN HPCs, such as NAVADAN Sandblasting Kit for clean and dust-free rust removal and surface preparation.

Use NAVADAN HPP20 High Pressure Pole with your NAVADAN HPC350-1 for efficient, safe & convenient High Pressure Cleaning up to 20m. in height.

In addition, NAVADAN HB400-1 Hotbox turns your 240 & 350 bar HPCs into hot washers. NAVADAN HB400-1 heats the pressured water up to 95°C and is diesel driven and electrical driven (230v/60Hz/3Phase).

Feel free to explore NAVADAN HPC Series below, and do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions or inqueries.

Your Safety is our concern, and we provide High Pressure specific PPE, such as aprons, boots, protective visors with ear muffs etc.

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