NAVADAN HPC Accessories


Add extra components and/or accessories for a versatile use of your NAVADAN HPCs.

Among these is our NAVADAN Sandblasting Kit for clean and dust-free rust removal and surface preparation, and NAVADAN HPP20-1 for High Pressure Cleaning up to 20m. in height.

Extra high pressure hoses and extra electric cable can be supplied with your NAVADAN HPC upon request.

Turbo nozzles vary depending on the pressure of the HPCs. I.e, when providing a fitted turbo nozzle for your NAVDAN HPC, we make sure that it matches the pressure bar and flow rate of your HPC specs.

Your Safety is our concern, and we provide High Pressure specific PPE with protection up to 650 bar. Among our High Pressure PPE are:

  • Aprons
  • Gloves
  • Boots
  • Visors with ear muffs.

If you require certain additional High Pressure PPE, we will make sure that it can be provided upon request.