Hold Cleaning Chemicals

Cleaning chemicals for changing between all types of cargoes are available.

NAVACLEAN 801 – ALKATUFF Strong Water Based Alkaline Hold Cleaner and Degreaser
NAVACLEAN 803 – ALKATUFF PHS Heavy Duty Water Based Alkaline Hold Cleaner
NAVACLEAN 873 – RUST & STAIN REMOVER Liquid Acid Based Rust Remover and Metal Brightner
NAVACLEAN 904 – FOAM AGENT Water Based Non Flammable Foaming Agent
NAVACLEAN 975 – LIME REMOVER Concentrated Acid Compound for Lime Wash Removal
NAVACLEAN 977 - CEMENT REMOVER Strong Acid Compound for Cement Deposits Removal
NAVADAN HOLD COAT Cargo Hold Barrier


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